Spring Health Advice With Dietician Andrea Hardy


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, we get the answers to some of your most pressing health and wellness questions from Dietician Owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc, Andrea Hardy. Read an excerpt below.


What can I do to improve my overall health?

Funny enough – as a dietitian – I often say WHY we eat is much more important than WHAT we eat. That may come as a shock – but at the core of every healthy diet is a good relationship with food. Understanding your motivators, and honouring your true hunger and fullness signals – and never putting foods into the ‘good and bad’ categories can transform how you fuel your body in a much more positive way than any diet ever would!


What foods/drinks can help stave off early aging?

Staving off early aging is complex. It starts with taking care of your body, fueling it well, getting enough exercise, sleep, reducing stress, and having meaningful, supported relationships. In terms of foods – choosing more whole foods can help to ensure a balanced diet – specifically – focusing on brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, and high fibre, plant-based foods like nuts seeds, pulses, and whole grains can provide your body with antioxidants that help to reduce free-radical compounds that may damage cells. Plus – antioxidants and polyphenols fuel good bacteria that have been implicated in the aging process though we lack specific advice around which foods, and how to fuel those exact bacteria in a meaningful way.



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