Plogging – The Latest Fitness Trend To Go Mainstream


Plogging is gaining steam as a must-try fitness trend. Originally started in Sweden as a social, eco-friendly exercise, it’s quickly becoming popular around the world. You may be thinking, what is plogging? Plogging is essentially jogging while picking up trash. You get the benefits of jogging in addition to bending, squatting and stretching (in order to pick up the trash).

Running Magazine recently shared that the New York Road Runners site suggests thinking of it this way: “Every piece of litter picked up is an opportunity to throw a lunge or a squat into your workout.” Heck, you could even consider it a form of cross training. Some have even suggested that plogging burns more calories than regular running.

It takes very little to get started (your regular workout clothing and a trash bag), so why not give it a try?



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